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Customer service
Pre-sales Service
Introduce the company, products and technology;
Provide, analyze and explain consultation on construction technology;
Suggest the best products for customers according to their demands.
On-sales service
Follow up the contracts and organize the relevant departments to review the contracts;
Solve the problems in case of any uncleanly prescribed terms or items that require mutual negotiation;
Follow up the production and delivery and the production progress of outsourcing parts according to the contracts.
After-sales Service
Zhanpeng has set up offices across the country and established a team of technical service professionals with high quality to realize fast response, customer feedback, technical consultation, employee training, fitting supplying and other value-added service all day long for customers.
Provide one-year free warranty and life-long service;
Assist users to formulate production formula;
Set up completed users’ data and provide a better follow-up service;
Supply spare parts and moulds;
Provide online interaction platform with customers on the internet and remove troubles for customers at any time;
Provide feedback system for customers on the internet;
Update the latest industrial information and relevant data of the company.
After-sales Service Hot Line: 0595-22116668  15506925557