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Model QT4-15 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine
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As a “National Inspection-free Product”, Zhanpeng block making machine is well supported with complete functions, easy operation and stable quality. It has reached the leading level of its kind at home. It is applied in producing high-strength and fine-quality ordinary concrete blocks, fly ash blocks, waste residue blocks, etc. The blocks produced are featured with high consistency, good capabilities in frost-resistance,  permeability-resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, heat-preservation property and reliable performance.

Technical Features
It adopts Germany frequency conversion technology and is controlled by variable frequency of the main machine. All the main electric and hydraulic components are world well-known brands. The block production line is realized fully automatic operation, which saves the operation intervals, improve production efficiency. It is versatile that can be made up as a simple production line with stacker. It is economic and practical for medium-sized enterprises to set up a simple production line with excellent production outputs.
A.It reduces the starting current of the motor with a function of soft starting.
B.It realizes the synchronized operation of vibration assembly.
C.Braking unit and braking resistor are used to consume the energy to solve the problem of inertia of the motor upon braking.
D.The energy saving effect is remarkable. It saves 20-30% of power.
E.High-effective parts of hydraulic proportion system are imported (more effective and more energy consecutive).
F.Imported intelligent PLC touch screen and authentic electric components (high automation level and easier operation).
G.Arch-breaking rapid-feeding device (has a great advantage for feeding for porous bricks. It makes feeding much evener.)
H.Variable-frequency motor and multi-source synchronous vibration system are used.
I.Vibration and forming
J.Special process of high-temperature thermal treatment (the moulds are more durable and rigid)
K.Guiding pole.It is made of ultra high strength steel and the surface is coated with hard chrome for a better torsional and abrasive performance.
Product Model Vibration Frequency Main Machine Weight Dimension Capacity Cycle Time Rated Pressure Vibration Force Pallet Size
QT3-15 3800-4500r/min 4000KG 4000*3500*2300mm 20.7KW 15-23(S) 8.5mpa 50KN 680*535mm
QT4-15 3800-4500r/min 6200KG 9450*3300*2700mm 26.7KW 15-23(S) 25mpa 68KN 880*560mm
QT5-15 3800-4500r/min 6900KG 9450*3300*2700mm 34.4KW 15-23(S) 25mpa 68KN 1100*560mm
QT6-15 3800-4500r/min 8500KG 9450*3300*2700mm 34.4KW 15-23(S) 25mpa 68KN 880*680mm
QT8-15 3800-4500r/min 11500KG 9800*3600*2800mm 44.9KW 15-23(S) 31.5mpa 95KN 940*860mm
QT9-15 3800-4500r/min 14500KG 9800*4050*2800mm 48.9KW 15-23(S) 31.5mpa 105KN 1350*680mm
QT10-15 3800-4500r/min 14500KG 11500*4050*2800mm 48.9KW 15-23(S) 31.5mpa 105KN 1100*880mm
QT12-15 3800-4500r/min 15000KG 11500*4550*2800mm 57.6KW 15-23(S) 31.5mpa 150KN 1350*880mm

Name and Picture
Hollow Block

Porous Block

Solid Brick

Holland Brick
Size 390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*51 200*100*60
Product Model QT3-15 3 10 20 12 PCS/MOULD
4320-5760 14400-19200 28800-38400 15600-19800
QT4-15 4 14 26(28) 14(16)
5760-7680 20160-26880 37440-49920 18200-23100
QT5-15 5 16 34 18
7200-9600 23040-30720 48960-65280 23400-29700
QT6-15 6 15 32(36) 21(24)
8640-11520 21600-28800 46080-61440 27300-34650
QT8-15 8 21 42(45) 28
11520-15360 30240-40320 60480-80640 36400-46200
QT9-15 9 25 52 33
12960-17280 36000-48000 74880-99840 42900-54450
QT10-15 10 24 51 36
14400-19200 34560-46080 73440-97920 46800-59400
QT12-15 12 30 63 42
17280-23040 43200-57600 90720-120960 54600-69300
 Note: The output listed above is based on theoretical calculation. The moulding cycle and output are subject to raw materials and products types.
Simple Production Line

1 Cement Tank   2 Batching Machine   3 Screw Conveyor   4 Cement Scale   5 Mixer   6 Belt Conveyor   7 Block Forming Machine   8 Pallet Feeder   9 Green Block Conveyor   10 Computer Control Cabinet   11 Hydraulic Unit   12 Stacker   13 Loader   14 Forklift

Fully-automatic Production Line

1 Cement Tank   2 Batching Machine   3 Loader   4 Screw Conveyor   5 Measurement System   6 Pigment Mixer   7 Based Material Mixer   8 Computer Control Cabinet   9 Mixing Platform   10 Belt Conveyor for Based Materials   11 Belt Conveyor for Pigment   12 Block Forming Machine   13 Pigment Mixer   14 Electric Control System   15 Forward Block Loader   16 Elevator   17 Finger Cart   18 Lowerator   19 Unelevator Conveying Belt   20 Pallet Cleaner   21 Pallet Tumbler   22 Cuber   23 Tray Bin   24 Strapping Machine   25 Finished Products Conveying Belt  26 Pedestrian Bridge   27 Pallets Storage Device   28 Transmitting Forklift   29 Curing Kiln
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