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Model ZPY-4000 Fully Automatic Hydraulic Block Making Machine
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The equipment is mainly operated by hydraulic units. The electric control system uses world-class PLC programmable controller. It realizes mechanics-electronics- hydraulics integration. By means of pallets pushing, feeding and forcible compressing, the products are formed, featuring fast forming, low energy consumption, even structure, high strength, free from pollution and little noise.
Designed with man-machine interface, it has the function of trouble-diagnosis system, remote monitoring, operation monitoring and automatic operation.
 Max. Pressure  5000KN  
 Max. Demoulding Force  1600KN
 Rated Pressure  250KG
 Total Loading  58KW
 Actual Consumed Electric Quantity  40KW
 Dimension  3600*2000*4500(MM)
 Cycle Time  15~25S
 Weight    14500KG
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