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 Jobs:Foreign Trade Clerk(6)
Release date:2015-07-15   
 Profession: Unlimited  education:
 Experience: Unlimited  Age: Unlimited 
 Sex: Unlimited  Nature: full-time 
 Salaries: Negotiable Effective date: 2015-09-15
 Tel: Address:
 Description: 1.Additional instructions :1.With international trade, business English, e-commerce and other related professional;
2.More than 1 year working experience in foreign trade;
3.Familiar with international Alilbaba platform operation, be able to upload, update and manage products, effectively improve the exposure and inquiries, through the network platform to find potential customers;
4.Familiar with the import and export trade process and the operation of the relevant laws and regulations, with rising trade expertise, can the independent development of customers, to maintain good customer;
5.Good communication, execution and negotiation skills,strong team spirit and  sense of responsibility,can withstand a certain working pressure,
6.Good English writing and speaking skills,proficiency in office software
 Jobs:Sales Representative(5)
Release date:2016-12-13   
 Profession: Sales Relate Major education:
Special Secondary School
 Experience: Full-time Age: 1~2years
 Sex: Unlimited Nature: Full-time
 Salaries: Negotiation Effective date: 2017-12-31
 Tel: Address:
 Description: 1.Using the network to carry out the sales and promotion of the company's products 
2.Responsible for the operation management of the company's online trading platform and the release of product information 
3.Understand and collect the dynamic information of competitors and competitive products. 
4.Through the network channel development and business development
5.Proficient in a variety of network sales skills, on time to complete the sales task 
6.Have strong communication skills and team spirit, familiar with common office software  
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